UCC Coffee House

The UCC Coffee House is patterned after traditional coffee houses in Vienna, Austria. Customers can enjoy various kinds of coffee, as well as carefully selected Viennese menu items. Our coffee pairs perfectly with one of our many cakes, such as the “Sachertorte” chocolate cake, and can be enjoyed over conversation, just like in Vienna.

UCC Coffee House's Focus

UCC Coffee House aims to recreate the feeling of being in an authentic Viennese coffee house in the woods of Austria. We want to bring the classic cafe culture and feeling from the past into the modern day for our customers to enjoy.

Viennese Style Coffee

In the woods of Vienna, a variety of coffee with milk and cream can be enjoyed. One of the most famous is the “Cafe Einspanner”, which is espresso topped with whipped cream. “Einspanner” translates as “one-horse carriage”, and it is said that this beverage and the handled glass it is served in originated with coachmen trying to stay warm on cold nights in Austria.

* Prices may varry depending on location.