Mellow Brown Coffee employs a professional coffee expert to oversee our strict bean selection process, resulting in the most aromatic and flavor-rich coffee. Our coffee provides the most delightful beverage for your daily enjoyment.

Mellow Brown Coffee's Focus

Specialty Coffee

Mellow Brown Coffee’s specialty coffee is made from strictly chosen high-end beans. Our policy is to choose beans only from the top 8% in the international market, which result in the best aroma and rich flavor. Our espresso is made from “Largo” beans, known for their rich milk chocolate-like flavor.

Coffee Extraction Method

The baristas at Mellow Brown Coffee carefully grind the beans for each order, then select conic drip, stainless filter or press and siphon for brewing based on the type of beans.

Waffle Pancake

Our original waffle pancake combines the delightful crunchiness of a waffle with the warm, soft inside of a pancake. It is baked on one side, and steamed on the other, to produce these dual textures. We would love everyone to try it!