UCC Cafe Mercado is a specialty store, which provides premium whole and fresh ground coffee beans. We stock a variety of coffee, from our easy-to-drink original blend, to single source beans. Feel free to ask our staff for assistance in finding your favorite menu item.

UCC Cafe Mercado's Focus


UCC Cafe Mercado employs professional coffee appraisers at UCC Brazil, to carefully select the finest Brazilian coffee beans. Our local team oversees all aspects of quality control until the beans are shipped to Japan.
Once in Japan, the beans are again inspected by Japanese coffee appraisers, before being roasted by our craftsmen, who constantly monitor the temperature and timing of the beans to achieve the perfect roast.

Coffee Appraiser

We provide only the highest quality-guaranteed coffee beans, which are classified and inspected by our dedicated coffee appraisers.

* Menu varies by location

* Prices may varry depending on location